Full Review: Fitbit

The Fitbit is a smart watch that tracks certain health and activity metrics and displays some of those metrics. More specifically, it tracks your heart rate, steps, location and floors climbed. From that data, the Fitbit will calculate calories burned and can determine your fitness level. It also works when you are not active by tracking how long and well you sleep.

The Fitbit tethers wirelessy to a smart device like a smartphone or tablet(iPhone or Android). The Fitbit app will show you the up-to-minute readings, as well as historical data over say a week or month. Since it is connected to your phone, you also get phone call, text message, and e-mail notifications.

What makes this a Cool Gadget?

While there are many fitness wearables out on the market right now, Fitbit is a great device that just plain works. I bought one for my wife and it works great for tracking fitness level activities and her sleep patterns. The notifications are great when she is not in possession of her phone at that moment.

There are also additional styling options. Different watch bands are also available to buy to make it appear more stylish on your wrist.

Since this is an electronic, you will need to charge it often. If you wear it everyday, plan to charge it at least once a week. If you are not concerned with the sleep measurements, you can charge it at night while you are snoozing.