What exactly is CoolGadgetsforSeniors.com?

If you want to:

    • -Make life easier.


    • -Save time by doing more of what you love and less of what you hate.


    • -Simply understand what a product is and if it is for you in under a minute.


  • -Not only look cool, but feel cool.


Welcome to CoolGadgetsforSeniors.com! The place to find simple and distilled information about cool gadgets that are designed to make life easier.

CoolGadgetsforSeniors.com was designed to help anyone looking for quick information about gadgets that are both cool and simple. Each cool gadget listed on this site was selected because it offers a unique way to make life better. Everything listed on this site is not for everyone. And I believe that everyone could find at least one gadget on this site to make life easier.

We find gadgets from popular e-commerce sites like Amazon.com and showcase them for you here. Every gadget is unique and may or may not fit your needs. They may also spark an idea for a similar, but different type of gadget not found here. Or you may find that there are different sizes and colors from what is shown.


I, myself, have purchased about 50% of these gadgets. Absolutely none of them have been given free or discounted to myself or my family and I paid the full Amazon price at the time of purchase.

Each gadget links to an external purchase page(Amazon) and is part of the Amazon Affiliates program. If you decide to purchase a gadget, this site will earn a small commission. We do not sell anything from this site. It is here for your reference and enjoyment.

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